Privind in departare

Niciodata nu ma satur sa privesc marea. As sta ore in sir sa ma uit in departarea albastra si sa visez. Fiecare val  pe care-l privesc in departare, daca am rabdare, ajunge la tarm si imi atinge suav picioarele. Fiecare val pe care il privesc in departare imi aduna si imi aseaza gandurile frumos in suflet, ca mai apoi, daca am rabdare, sa ajunga la tarm si sa-mi transforme visurile in realitate.

Looking far away. I would never stop watching the sea, looking far away and dream. Every wave I see  far away, if I’m patient, gets to the shore and touches softly my feet. Every wave I see far away arranges in a beautiful way my thoughts in my heart, and then, if I am patient, gets to the shore and makes my dreams come true.

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  1. I really like your poetical side…I’m gonna get used to readibg your posts regurarly….


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